Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where's My?.. ‘Where’s My? ’ may seem a rather odd title for a blog, but as a mother to 10 children , it is, and has been- the most frequently asked question in our house. 27 years ago , I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, he was born on time ,healthy and bawling his little lungs out. He didn’t as yet have the gift of the spoken word, so he was constrained to use the only language he knew, and use it he did.....morning , noon and night and often in between. Really what he was asking was ‘’where’s my’’? .....’’where’s my food’’? , ‘’where’s my dry nappy’’? ......’’where’s my..........mum.....cuddle........bed......entertainment.. etc etc Time marched on , as it does and bouncer 1 was followed by 9 more bouncing babies......each asking the same question from birth ...and each asking the same question until this very day. The desired object they seek has changed ,of course, now there’s an endless list of things.........cds hairbrushes make-up clothes ,the list goes on and on and on. Sometimes there may be a variation on a theme and the ‘’where’s my’’? is replaced by ‘’did you take my’’?......same thing really, at least in our house. Snippet of interest from the Irish Independent: The National Consumer Agency says grocery prices have declined significantly in all the main Irish supermarkets since the start of the year. The agency's latest price summary shows that the price of a basket of branded goods in Tesco stores where the Change for Good campaign is operating have fallen by 15%. Prices in Dunnes Stores have fallen 14% and in Superquin by 8%, while prices are down just 7.4% in Tesco stores where the Change for Good campaign has not been introduced. The NCA says the price of as basket of goods in Tesco and Dunnes is almost identical, with Superquinn around 4% more expensive

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